super blood moon 2019

#yoorsdecember #moon

I made this blog a year ago and now it's the day of Moon so I thought I post it again probably fun!

So that was very early this morning! Very personal that is not for me that get up early but oh what a beautiful natural phenomenon was this. Glad I got out of bed. From the summer was the Blood Moon can also be seen under better conditions than now. It was -7 here and when you get out of your warm bed it's pretty cold.

I had everything set up in the evening before I went to bed so I wouldn't have to do all that. I had read how to set the camera best, so be prepared. And yet I found it difficult to finally get the blood moon in the picture. It was cold and I couldn't get him in the picture. Summer would have been better for me. I saw it and I don't regret having to get out of bed so early.

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