Support a creator: Dominicdraws illustrates for you on Fiverr & Yoors

I have a new idea for a booster. With the release of Pennyshare I would like us to support our creators even more. Share their work and their posts through Yoors. You will earn 1 EUR per 1000 shares.

1, Make a post on your favorite creator and promote the work they do.
2. Include a direct link to their work.

So let me start with an example on how you can do this:


Creator of the day

@Domz is a great artist, illustrator and animator. He  is now recently also creating drawings on Fiverr. He can literally create anything you ask him. From professional business drawings to spooky. So, check out his gigs and profile if you're interested:

Soon Yoors will also be coming with a Marketplace so you can also immediately buy services or products from your favourite creators :)

Would you like to promote your work or somebody else's also? Create a post in #supportacreator.