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"It's a strange thing." Xie Yunru said, "You should have imagined that the second child was surrounded by rivals. He was very careful about his diet and daily life. It was impossible for him to be poisoned. Then you knew he was still poisoned." "So I don't know where the poison came from." "I'm checking. Since my birthday, there have been several incidents in succession. Now the second child is jittery here. You ran here at this time and didn't let them find out. It's really lucky." "Come on, these people here can find me. You really flatter them." "Don't say that, the second brother really has a few good players here, especially the white family outside the pass." "By the way, the people of the Bai family outside the pass are probably going crazy. They are inexplicably missing someone. I'm afraid they can turn over the ground to look for it." "Yes, those people from the Bai family outside the pass are going crazy. Originally, they were going to find a family at random and get revenge. But they happened to be poisoned by the second child, and they were stopped by force. Master Bao asked them to do this first. Whether it was an open investigation or an unannounced visit, they must find out where the poison came from." "Master Bao, he is fully responsible for this!" "Who else is there in the second place besides him?" "Yunru," said Yan Chou with a smile, "do you know that there is a mole here?" "Want to also know," Xie Yunru says: "These of them, that does not have another to send undercover around. Do you know who it is? "I don't know, I'm too lazy to pay attention." "You're wrong, Yunru. You should pay special attention. This kind of thing is very important to you." "Then I'll pay special attention to it in the future." "There's no need to wait. I'll tell you now." "Why, you know." "Of course, only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win every battle." "You can't imagine that the second brother is the old man Bao,Glass Cosmestic Containers, who is the confidant and the chief think tank." "Old Bao." Xie Yunru screamed, but as soon as she uttered two words, Yan Ling covered her mouth. Yan Ling whispered, "Girl, what do you want to do? Call someone here?" He opened the hand that covered Xie Yunru's mouth. "How do you know Old Bao is.." said Xie Yunru. Yan Ling immediately told the story of how to detect that Master Bao was a traitor, the fourth elder brother's man, and the second elder brother's man. After listening quietly,Blue Bottle Serum, Xie Yunru said, "It's been like this for a long time. How can it be called a mole? He's clearly the second child." "" It's hard to say, girl, "said Yan Ling with a smile. "You mean he belongs to the fourth brother?" Asked Hsieh Yun-ju. "Miss," said Yan Ling, "it's hard for you to be muddle-headed. If he's not the second child, does he have to be the fourth child?" Xie Yunru was in a daze and said, "You mean.." "In this circle," said Yan Ling, "like me, he has three identities. There is no such possibility." Xie Yunru was stunned again: "There will be such a thing!" Yan Ling said, "This kind of thing is true or false, false or true." Xie Yunru was silent for a moment and said, "I think I can break out in a cold sweat. Now I know how young I am. I really should learn more from you." "Don't go too far, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle," said Yan Ling. "I take the poisoning of my second child very seriously. There was no sign of it beforehand." "Wouldn't it be easy to have it?" "Do you know where the poison comes from?" "I heard it was mixed with sandalwood powder." "Where do you put the sandalwood powder?" "I've checked it. It's not in the bottle. It's only in the whole picture." "Who usually paints the end of sandalwood?" "Baoyinaping, this man will not have a problem. He has been serving the second child for many years. If he really has a problem, he will not do so. This is a confession without a fight." "That is, someone else has entered the second child's house." "When the second child is in the house, there are few people who can get in and out. When he is not there, it's hard to say. Whoever sneaks in ten or eight times, no one will know." "Have you looked in the second child's room?" "No, it was done by the old man Bao and the Bai family, but it happened that I was ill, and I was too lazy to take care of it." Yan Ling was silent for a moment and said, "Old Bao is in the room now.".
” "What are you doing?" "I want to talk to him." "How can this be done, in case the people of the Bai family meet." "You can rest assured that I won't let them meet me. I'll go as soon as I can." He sat up straight. Xie Yunru stretched out his hand to hold him: "Will you come later?" "I'll come if you let me," said Yan Ling. "If you don't let me, I won't come." "Disgusting." Xie Yunru said, "I'm serious with you. Well, if you can come, you can bend over. If you can't come, forget it." "All right," said Yan Ling, "I'll go." "Be careful," said Xie Yunru. "I know," said Yan Ling. "Sleep if you can." He ran to the back window, listened intently, then opened the window and jumped out. With his backhand on the window, he got up and rushed straight to Master Bao's residence. Yan Ling was an old horse who knew the way. He quickly arrived at Master Bao's residence. As soon as he entered the courtyard, Master Bao's lighted room suddenly opened. Yan Yong was startled and hid behind a pine tree, only to see four people coming out of Master Bao's house, followed by Master Bao. The four men, two old men and two middle-aged men, were dressed in night clothes. They were all dressed in Jianghu. The two old men were tall and short, and the two middle-aged men were tall and thin. These four, Yan Ling recognized, were all members of the Bai family outside the Shanhaiguan Pass. The two old men were the generals under Bai Tianyi, the fourth and fifth of the "Five Evil Spirits" who called Bai Tianyi brother, Cui Gang and Fan Pengtian, and the two middle-aged men were the third and fourth of his seven sons, Bai Yanmin and Bai Fumin. "Be careful, Mr. Cui and Mr. Fan," said Master Bao. "Don't worry, Master Bao," said Cui Gang. "The Bai family can't do anything wrong." The two sides folded their fists, and Cui Gang and Fan Pengtian, with Bai Yanmin and Bai Fumin, jumped onto the roof and shot away. Master Bao quickly went back to the room and closed the door again. This is really a kick out of a fart, coincidentally,oil dropper bottle, did not expect to temporarily think of Bao Shiye here, but encountered such a thing. In the middle of the night, what is the Bai family doing. penghuangbottle.com