Taste test: Milka chocolate paste, palm oil free

I love #milka #chocolade and on bread chocolate paste. Now there's a lot to do around #palmolie .Now I must honestly say that I didn't buy this but today when I opened it I was curious. This chocolate paste is made of sunflower oil and thus pamlo oil free. That's good for the #natuur and the #bos is the #amazone and #regenwoud . #ontbossingamazone #ontbossingregenwoud #foodlovers #foodfun #food

In short what palm oil is

Lately, you often hear that #nutella and other chocolate paste brands bad in the #nieuws are due to the palm oil contained in it. Now palm oil is found in many products such as: personal care products (shampoo, buttocks, shaving cream, sunscreen, detergent, anti-mosquito stuff and so on), peanut butter, chips, cakes, nuts, frying oil and among others in sauces. The list is infinitely long and in some brands it is and others are not. This is because palm oil is quite cheap to produce. It's bad for the #milieu because whole forests are burned or hijacked to make the plantations there. The pamlolie itself is not necessarily harmful, but rather the fact that deforestation and habitat of animals is threatened by this. There is a quality mark for sustainably produced palm oil, the RSPO label (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) which means that 95% of palm oil is sustainable.

The brand MILKA

Milka is a merging of MILK and Cacao and is registered in the Berlin Trade Register in 1901. In 1922, a man with a cow appeared on the bar for the first time. In 1960, the name MILKA became white for the first time (rather black and then gold) on a purple background. In 1972 the cow is really introduced as we know it to this day. In 1988, in addition to MILKA and the cow, the Alpine landscape and logo of the brand will be included. So you see that #milka is increasingly expanding in terms of products. What once emerged as a real chocolate brand that focused on selling chocolate. Has it now also biscuits, coffee with chocolate milk, ice cream, cake and now also chocolate paste. They started with the latter as of 2012.

Last May, Lotta was elected with 42% percent of the vote as the favourite cow of the Netherlands of Milka. In places 2 to 4 were finished in the order: Marisa, Lola and Katja.

The taste test

I suspect from the use of sunflower oil (this is liquid) that the chocolate paste also seems much softer. You can pour it out of the jar if you hold it upside down. This is then palm oil chocolate paste failed under normal circumstances. Because of this, it tastes no different than usual and does not taste like sunflower oil. I like it a nice little creamy chocolate paste with a light taste of alpine milk chocolate. The price thus varies around 2.69 EURO for a 350 gram jar. And for a jar of 600 grams around 5,49 EURO. #smaaktest

INGREDIENTS: 28% sunflower oil, sugar, whey powder (from milk), hazelnuts 5%, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, skimmed cocoa powder 4.5%, salt, flavourings and emulsifier (sunflower lecihins). #allergie this product may contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and wheat.

I wonder if you guys had tried this and what you thought of it.