Testing a Premium Pro subscription

Some already saw it: on my account you currently see “Pro”. Some asked me if I had a subscription. My answer to those you may also know:

“Recently I was approached by Yoors if I wanted to test the Pro subscription. I don't say no to that.”

The intention is, of course, that #feedback give about the findings. And that's what I give.
Meanwhile, of course, I'm eager to write about it. So I asked for permission to @Henkjan the Warrior . And I got it. Great! Thank you!

What are my findings so far?

The Premium Pro subscription has a number of nice extras:

  • Both short and extended posts can be scheduled. Tried out and it works! Without a subscription, you can only create an advanced post as a draft. And the time of publication is the time when you first save your post (as a draft or publishing moment does not matter). When you publish it, it's not in a hurry at the front of /current. sadly. When the subscription is published, the time at which it was published is stated.
    I think that's a big advantage.. Because:

— That's how you could work ahead, and you could probably schedule a post for every Thursday or so
— After publication on scheduled day and time, than it is (almost) at the front of “Current”.

Note: after determining a future date and time, it can not be undone. However, you can still change the date and time, prior to publication .

  • Accounts without subscriptions have 2 tabs visible to visitors by default. Namely “Feed” and “Posts”. In “Pro”, more tabs can be created and their order can be determined. Anyone who visits my profile will see “Feed” as the second, instead of the first tab, there is now “Posts”. Thus they end up on “Posts” and there are no fairshares left in between. Much clearer so.

  • Apropos to create more tabs:

- Give it a name
- Determine the position
- Multiple sections possible
- Only privately visible is also an option. Useful, for example, if you want to see if posts are deleted, or can be modified
- To delete, hoover over the tab. A dustbin appears. (Only the tabs posts and feed can't be deleted)
- If you click on your own created tabs, you can make adjustments to your liking. Per section you decide what of which hashtag should be displayed on the. Also, whether it should be a post, a video or a photo or all kinds of posts that you mentioned with that hashtag. Also great: you can only choose from hashtags that you've ever used in posts. (Ik vermoed not van reeds verwijderde posts.)

An example: Tab name “Spring”, Section 1 “Spring”, Hashtag” #lens ” summares in a tab called “Spring”. When clicking on that tab, you will see (if visible to the public) your posts where the hashtag #lens is listed. If you notice that there is a post
is missing, you could still mention that hashtag in the relevant post. To make sure that post appears on the tab.
For example, you could create a tab “Recipes”, with the sections “Pasta”, “Soup”, and “Video”. Sections are shown below each other in the. So nice and clear!

  • There is also a tab “Drafts” for PRO subscriptions. Underneath it you can see (if available) posts that you once saved (back) as a concept. So you see what you could possibly (re)publish. Or delete.(I can't delete a certain one of my concept posts. Tried several times, then it seems gone, but eventually the post is still there.)

  • If you don't have a subscription, you'll see two icons when pointing to a thumbnail of your own post. A pencil (to be able to edit the post) and a cross (to remove the post). With a PRO subscription there are 2 extra icons. Namely, a copy button and an archive button. Van die laatste heb ik nog geen gebruik gemaakt en weet not of ik dat ga doen. That aside.
    I think the copy button is a good! Suppose you have given a post a certain format, and you would like to use it for a new post. Then click on the thumbnail of the original post, click the copy button. Automatically a new post will be created, with the contents of the original. You can adjust that to your liking. That could give you time.

  • The bar menu is more extensive. In it it states a.o. “Mailings”

there you can see who your followers are. (Alleen een beetje jammer dat de accountnamen not aanklikbaar zijn. Perhaps also something to enter? Then one could quickly see if one is also following the person himself. Not that that's an obligation.)
You can send a mailing to your followers. Think, for example, of your latest post. But!! Be careful with it, as it can also be seen as spam. It can cost your followers (especially if you use it very often). However!
Unsubscribe from the mailing can be easily. The email will let you know how. Rest assured, hiermee ontvolg je diegene not . You just won't get an email from him or her.
You can import followers from a .csv file. Suppose you have a number of email addresses that you also want to send a mailing. If they are in a .csv file, you can import them and receive the next mailing

  • In the bar menu, by default, “settings”. If you click on it as a pro-subscriber, you will see an additional button. Namely “Profile pop-up”. This is different from the popup you can customize under the button “Invite a friend or girlfriend”. Because with the Profile pop-up you can set up a registration popup for visitors to your posts and whether your profile. You can also link a post. (A while ago it was possible for a while, as a free member.).

  • Both short and long posts can be translated into a lot of languages! By post you can decide to which and already translated posts you can still have translated into other languages.
    Did you know that you can change both an original post from you, as well as the translated version (s).?

  • When uploading a video, I noticed that the space for it is unlimited. Super!

  • Set up Advertising Place. No, not advertising, but a place for a fellow blogger, to post his/her post there for a fee determined by you, above/next/below your post . Or completely disable promotions, for all your posts.


So far, so good!

Ingrid Tips and More

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What is (yet) not (quite) like I expected?

Advanced Statistics.
As a ' Pro '-member an extra option is to view 'advanced' statistics per post, and in the hamburgermenu via' Statistics'. They show in which period how many times a post has been viewed. There are tabs: “Today” “The past 7 days”, “The past 4 weeks” and “The past 24 months”. You see a little more than without a subscription, but I expected (more) to discover where the page views come from (where is the most audience...). A few years ago (before the introduction of page view reward, which was abolished some time ago), you could see extensive statistics, which then looked different. Also useful: to see how one has ended up at a post. Through what other post or source.
In addition, in this form a lot of scrolling would be required to find the statistics of a particular entry in the statistics overview in the bar menu. You can go to your own post and see it there.


Anyway, the subscription is still being worked on, so I hope the statistics section will change..

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This article may be updated from time to time. Since I'm still on a voyage of discovery and may have forgotten to mention something.