The ancestor of all demons

Forbidden Red Lotus and Creation Green Lotus have both given birth to spiritual wisdom and spirit, only to condense their bodies, but at the moment they have to integrate their original bodies into Lingxiao Demon Court, so naturally he can't not give them an explanation. Give them a new body, just like the square gate of the chariot. Thank you, Your Majesty! Said the Green Lotus Fairy, nodding slightly. Boom! Boom! Emperor Shitian, while confirming the identity of Qinglian, also put down an obsession in his heart, and then began to refine the chaotic ancient tablet at an alarming speed. Refining one point, one point of the combination of their own primordial spirit and the ancient tablet, the control of the ancient city of chaos in the mind is growing step by step, in the mind, the fog shrouding the ancient city of chaos is constantly dispelling. Inch by inch area, present in the mind. However, every time a fog is dispelled, the things we see also make Emperor Shitian feel a very strong shock in his heart. Longevity Xiantao. "Seven Stars Fu Lu." "Tai Chi Xuanyu." At the same time when the fog was dispelled, Emperor Shitian clearly felt that in the chaotic ancient city, there were countless mysterious spaces, which were directly separated. In each space, in each area, there were wonderful innate spiritual treasures, and even innate spiritual roots,small gold wash plant, each of which had incredible magical power. It is the object that many strong people in the world want to pursue. But these spiritual treasures, treasures, are gathering here and taking root at the moment. It's like a party. The quantity is huge, the quality is high, even if is the ancient supreme comes, will be stunned. Treasure, tut, this is the largest and most incredible treasure in chaos. The ancient city of chaos is really extraordinary. It can not only record the whole history of chaotic civilization by itself,chrome washing machine, but also converge many innate spiritual treasures and roots in chaos to protect their survival. Since the birth of chaos, I don't know how many treasures have been attracted to this ancient city. "Ming's eyes became glittering, and he shouted excitedly," If we can completely control the ancient city of chaos, then all the innate spiritual treasures in the city, and even the innate spiritual roots, will be owned by us. They will become the huge details of the Lingxiao Demon Court, which will greatly enhance the fighting power of the demon clan. If some innate spiritual treasures are integrated into the Lingxiao Demon Court, Maybe it can directly make the Tianzhu of the Dog Avenue in the city condense into an entity and be promoted to Dzogchen. This is a windfall. This windfall is far larger, more vast, more precious, a hundred times, a thousand times, or even more than ten thousand times than what was plundered in the abyss of the meteor God. He who wins the city of chaos wins the world!! Emperor Shitian also had a rumor in his mind that he had heard in those years. This thought flashed quickly, but it did not affect the refining of the ancient tablet. The blazing purple and golden flame of the emperor was still burning the ancient tablet, which made the chaotic ancient tablet gradually rendered with purple and gold. In the tablet, coltan ore processing ,sodium cyanide price, the breath and will of the emperor were released. Xiaoyao Islands disappeared, your majesty entered the city of chaos, it seems that your majesty has been recognized by the city of chaos, at the moment is refining the ancient city. Tianyunzi stroked the white beard of his lower jaw, slightly jaw-headed, and looked with a strange light at the vast ancient city standing in the chaotic ocean at the moment. Hum When Your Majesty refines the ancient city and merges Chaos City with Lingxiao Demon Court, it will surely make the Demon Court go further. At that time, Your Majesty will surely be able to use this power to promote to the realm of domination at one stroke. At that time, a mere trial of the Supreme will not be Your Majesty's opponent, sooner or later it will be the soul of Your Majesty's sword. Tiancan's two eyes burst out with a firm divine light, showing unusual firmness and self-confidence. I don't know when my husband will be promoted to master. What on earth is so special in my husband's body that it can so stifle his promotion? A look of surprise and curiosity flashed between her eyebrows. Despite the disappearance of Xiaoyao Islands, the chaotic Dead Sea is still one of the terrible forbidden zones in the chaotic world, still full of all kinds of horrors and dangers. Seeing Emperor Shitian in the city of refining chaos, all the practitioners in the Lingxiao Demon Court grasped every quarter of an hour to practice, and they all keenly felt an invisible sense of oppression in the chaos. Just like the breath before the storm.
With the help of all kinds of spiritual veins in the demon court, all kinds of powerful resources, one after another have a huge harvest, every moment there are demons in the robbery, in the breakthrough promotion, even in the Lingxiao demon court, Emperor Shitian did not change the rule that every breakthrough of the demon clan needs to be robbed, making every breakthrough, all the demons must be robbed, those who pass are promoted, and those who fail are injured without death. If the demon clan goes down for a long time, it will die of ease. Disaster is good fortune. Time flows forward like water. In a twinkling of an eye, it is only three years away from the ten-year battle of life and death agreed upon in that year. In the Supreme Divine Realm, in a temple of wisdom, the slightly closed eyes of the goddess of wisdom, who had been sitting on a lotus platform, opened gently, and the light of wisdom flashed through her eyes. In the eyes, there is a hint of meaningful charm. He raised his eyes to the void and muttered to himself, "Seven years have passed, and there are still three years to go. Trial, trial. Do you know that I had calculated as early as that year that if you took part in the fight of life and death, it would be a sign of great evil and almost a narrow escape from death? However, your death may give me an unprecedented chance to recover. Don't worry, if you die, I will let the demon emperor go down and bury you. It's worthy of you. In the voice, with a trace of strange, with a trace of difficult to understand the charm. Chapter 1217 all sides move. Vaguely, it seems that the goddess of wisdom has already seen the danger of the Supreme Judgment at the beginning, it seems that the fate of her fall is extremely difficult to change, and even a little bit, she did not intend to help the Supreme Judgment reverse its fate at all. More gutsy, she at the moment, is secretly calculating, planning to attack some incredible event. This matter is even related to the life and death of the Supreme Judge. Between the ancient nine supreme, it seems to be the same spirit,Carbon in Pulp, but there is not necessarily some dirty in it. If it is for their own death, many calculations are not something worth making a fuss about. The goddess of wisdom raised her eyes and looked deeply into the void and chaos, which made it difficult for people to understand the charm.