The best of spring

1. Mild climate: Spring comes with warm and pleasant weather. This means that there are no extreme temperatures and it's a good opportunity to enjoy all the outdoor activities.

2. Flowering and nature: During spring, nature wakes up and everything is at its best. The flowers open, the trees bloom and the birds are singing.

3. Outdoor sports: Spring is the perfect time to practice outdoor sports. Whether it's cycling, hiking, hiking or any other sport, it's the best time to practice them.

4. Fresh and healthy food: This is the perfect time to eat fresh, healthy and nutritious food. During the spring, the markets are full of seasonal fruits and vegetables, meaning there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. #spring

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Spring is here and it's time to capture those picture-perfect moments! Whether you're frolicking in a field of flowers or posing with your pet bunny, don't forget to upload a few photos for spring. And if you're feeling extra fancy, throw on a pair of bunny ears or a colorful tutu for that added springtime flair. Don't worry if your photos aren't picture perfect, we won't judge - we know how hard it is to get a bunny to sit still for a photo. So grab your camera or phone and snap away, because spring is here and it's time to get your silly on!Add the hashtag #spring to your postFollow the instructions available in the checklist The checklist automatically calculates you if you're missing somethingEarn €0,05 per heart you get on your postYou can do this until the budget of €10 is finished(Optional) Sponsor my booster anytime by clicking the top-up button on this page Are you ready to join? Click on the button 'Create new post' and let's get started.
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