The Children of Ruinerwold.

When you look into the eyes of madness.

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I've watched all the episodes of the now acclaimed documentary: The Children of Ruinerwold - by the maker Jessica Villerius. You saw the older children talking about everything that happened to them, interspersed with many video recordings made by the father and mother themselves, when the children were very young. You see a young girl sitting on a chair and father Gerrit Jan orders two other children to sit next to her, but that's not possible, because there's only one chair on which the girl sits. The two children you see a hopeless attempt and finally throws Gerrit Jan van D. the girl by force from the chair and he takes place to pray like an insane in a very derogatory way, Then you know:

I look the madness in the eyes.

Horrible and beautiful at the same! That's what viewers call the latest episode of The Children of Ruinerwold (1.3 million viewers). They give the creator of the documentary, Jessica Villerius, all credits. Villerius, who was the four eldest children of father: Gerrit Jan van D. - has been following since 2019, in an 'extremely integer' portrayed the story. And I would like to confirm that with this. But what I found very striking is the fact that the four young adults manage to control a lot of emotions despite the tremendous violence that has been done to them; serious child abuse at all levels: deprivation of liberty, isolation of children among themselves, attempted manslaughter, sexual abuse, indoctrinating, machining, humiliating, intimidating and abstaining them from education except for two children, provided by father Gerrit Jan van D. are more or less brainwashed, by talking to them over and over again, that they are not allowed to say anything about the other children at school. One of the older children is locked out in a dog cage for years and is not allowed to enter. The food is thrown into the doghouse and he stays there at night. Several times he tries to strangle this boy to stop at the last minute. Several times father Gerrit Jan van D. that he had been ordered by God to kill his children.

Where is the mother of the children and what is her role in this madness?

The mother sees you laughing at one of the video footage when the girl is thrown rough off her chair. You expect a mother to protect her children. On the contrary, she laughs at everything her husband Gerrit Jan van D does. She plays a subordinate role in the household and in the upbringing of her children. She was once a member of a cult and the image of her husband Gerrit Jan van D seems to support her in all respects, because there is no moment to see that she is rebellious. In 2004, she dies from the effects of colon cancer. The four young adults have no memory of her death and do not know how to name a date on which their mother. On some videos you see her walking with a child or she does caring tasks, but it never comes to a profound or loving conversation. She speaks flat and in short sentences with little mimicry in her face. Almost meaningless, but I suppress that to myself, because I do not want and can believe it. In the end, I feel profound disappointment that she did not protect her children from the atrocities that Gerrit Jan van D.. And then suddenly I feel a tremendous anger bubbling in me; it's even worse, she facilitated the serious child abuse at all levels against her own children.. Then in my eyes you are not: LOVING MOTHER.

In the end, one of the children manages to flee.

One of the guys logs in at a local bar and the owner contacts the police. And then the whole story comes out, first with gusts and then little by little we all witnessed the whole story by the mentioned documentary. I don't have to add anything else to the story, because you just have to type it on Google or other sites and you get to see and hear everything....

The trial against the 68-year-old father of the notorious Ruinerwold family stops.

Gerrit Jan of D. would not be able to follow the criminal process, because of severe cerebral hemorrhage years ago. Therefore, according to the judges, a fair trial is not possible. The Prosecutor's Office is at its own request inadmissible declared in the case against the prime suspect. According to the court, there is a serious disturbance to communicate with others. The man is not able to speak, except for a few sounds. Therefore, according to the court, it is not possible to establish what the defendant does and does not understand. “The court considers that the defendant has such physical and cognitive limitations that he is unable to follow the criminal proceedings”, the court says. According to the experts, he can't defend himself well enough. 'It is impossible for the defendant to participate effectively in the criminal process'.

The story of the 'Children of Ruinerwold' gets a sequel.

Also the last (regular) episode of the documentary series of De Kinderen van Ruinerwold gave me goose bumps last night. Afterwards told Corinne Jeekel, advocate of the four eldest children, in Op1 - that they start a civil lawsuit against their father.

The episode got an unexpected turn at the end.

In the picture the text appears: This afternoon one of the youngest children said: 'In my experience, too, my father has done too many things that cannot be justified. That's why I've recently stopped living with him. '.

Children of Ruinerwold still start a civil lawsuit against their father.

From D. accused of holding six of his nine children against their will for ten years. The family lived on a remote farm in the village of Ruinerwold in Drenthe. In October 2019, the case came to light, after which the world news. From D. would wait for the End of Times . The judge previously ruled that, according to the judge, the father of the family can not stand trial, because his health does not allow. But the four eldest children are now starting a civil lawsuit to their father, said their lawyer Corinne Jeekel last night in Op1.

In the program: 'The Vooravond' (15 -4-2021) two of the nine children were invited.

“Justice, recognition, that's what they've wanted from the outset,” you hear both say. “That there will be a judge of what is not good.”. The two also spoke on behalf of another brother and sister: 'We hope the judge will find in this case that our father has acted unlawfully..“At the end of next week, he can expect a subpoena, according to their lawyer.

Free writing: Janne Marthies.

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