The large copper owl a striking moth

If you pay attention in nature and especially if you have an eye for small specimen, then it may happen that you just see on a leaf in the grass along the road a little animal that attracts your attention. So it happened to me that in the year 2019 times the walking of the dogs. The strange thing was that, both the dogs and myself, had already walked twice past the spot where the striking - relatively - little moth sat quietly on a plant leaf. After I looked at the little animal a bit closer through my telescope lens at some distance, it occurred to me that this was a butterfly, and that of a species that I had encountered very little in nature. Unfortunately, the animal flew away after I had rap three pictures of her. When returning home, it turned out to me, after studying and comparing the pictures with the images in the Great Butterfly Guide, that it was the “copper owl”, diachrysia chryysitis. A common, but rarely visible during the day moth.

This is him, then, in full glory.. The diachrysia chrysitis or the copper owl. A beautiful moth that has a beautiful characteristic crest coloured crest around the head. The animal has two striking green bands on the wings so that, sitting on a leaf, it hardly stands out in its biotope.

The orange crest colors most when the sun's rays put his feathered skin in the light, or when two males sit down on a leaf or plant stem a short distance from each other.

It is not easy to photograph this type of butterfly up close. I have taken the pictures above from a long distance with my mobile phone..

These butterflies fly in the months of June - August. They are basically everywhere in the Benelux countries when it gets dim around forest edges and secluded gardens. They love honeysuckle and especially royal herb...