The sabbing calf, a nice childhood memory. (photo words challenge September 2020)

In the past... when I was young, I think about 8, 9 years (for those who wonder, early eighties of the last century), I was often found on the farm of my grandfather and grandmother.

At my Grandpa and Grandma on the farm they had red-variegated cows, which (typically Dutch) stood in the meadow in the summer.

My favorite place on the farm was with my niece's pony, but second favorite was the calves.

Whenever calves were born, they were fed with milk from a bucket.

A certain powder was put in the bucket, with water added to it, so that a milky substance was formed, and if I was lucky, I could give the calves to drink with my niece.

Of course, as a child, I hardly had the patience to wait until dinner was for them.

Oh, I felt tough!

With such a big bucket, and then the calves were waiting in their loft. We held the bucket in front of them, and they were on the slurp.

You had to hold the bucket well, because a thirsty little calf knows how to knock it out of children's hands.

The bucket was drunk empty in a short time and licked out.

How much I liked that!

What I also liked was that calves like to suck on your hand, so when there were calves I often asked if they were still young enough, and so had no teeth yet.

If there were young calves, I always thought it was very funny to put my hand in their mouth, where the calves then sucked with enthusiasm, but no matter how they did their best, milk did not come out.

I always liked the crazy tickling feeling so much that I couldn't resist the temptation.

Then you always had a nice slime hand, which was naturally washed extensively.

Would that work with a pelican...?


This childhood memory fits in the photo words challenge of Naturefreak. The hand in the pelican's beak reminded me of the calves.

I took the headshot in Thailand. The Pelican photo is from Naturefreak.