Thema Brandweer door Nancy van de BSO in België

Nancy is een trouwe fan op mijn Creapagina op facebook. Ze brengt erg leuke werkjes binnen die gemaakt worden bij haar op de BSO in België. Dit is een leuk groepswerk in het thema: Beroepen. Hierbij kleurt ieder kind zijn brandweermannetje op zijn eigen manier{en uitknippen} Op een prachtige rode brandweerauto worden alle brandweermannetjes geplakt zodat ze "aan het werk"kunnen! ;)
real Hungarian Lángos
#worldcuisine #recipes   WORLD DISH -   If you can't catch up to the world for a while, you can bring it in.. Sit on and taste a world dish . A culinary encounter with another country, together on cooking adventure. Experience you? - It is that smell and taste that brings back the memory of your desire. Do you recognize that? One of the nicest (and tastiest) things on holiday is tasting local specialties. Trying out authentic dishes give the ultimate holiday feeling. The local market On vacation I always visit a market. Because there are in every country. You will never experience the smells and tastes of the country better. Herbs and vegetables that are on sale at that time. You will also find many cultures on the market, because a market visits everyone. A buzz of many languages. A meeting with the world. “THE ART OF LIFE IS TO BE AT HOME AS IF ONE IS TRAVELING.” - - GODFREY BOMANS - The kitchen often tells a lot about the history and culture of a country. Hungarian cuisine is a hodgepodge of eastern and western influences. A reflection of all kinds of world cuisines. real Hungarian Lángos Every tourist does not escape or sees that Hungarian Lángos is always baked on the market, city or at a festival. I make this street food now at home. A treat to be back in Hungary and how nice to share it with you. Recipe: - 150 grams of creamy potatoes - 30 grams (fresh) yeast - 4 dl milk - 3 tbsp powdered sugar - 400 grams of flour - salt - 50 ml of oil - oil to fry Boil the potatoes in their skins. Dissolve the yeast with some sugar in 1 dl of lukewarm milk (put in a warm place for 10 minutes). Peel the potatoes and crush them. Sift the flour and make a dimple in the middle. Pour here into the yeast mixture. Add the potatoes, oil, rest of lukewarm milk and salt and knead smooth dough. Pollinate the dough with flour and put a clean kitchen towel over the bowl. Leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hour. Pour 6 cm of oil in a saucepan. make thick round slices of the dough. Put them in the hot oil at a time or in two. Fry them on both sides until golden brown. Siege with: sour cream, crushed garlic, grated cheese and a little (fresh) dill. Or with ham/ sheep cheese and dill.
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Elections in Peru
#Politics Last Sunday, April 11, elections were held in Peru, I have told you that I am Venezuelan, but I currently live in Peru. The political situation in Venezuela, all the efforts made and the years of multiple elections that we Venezuelans lived through, made me change, and I know that many others did. We in Venezuela saw how the whole country collapsed and we hit rock bottom, and we are worried about what happens in other countries, because we have already emigrated. I see with astonishment that the majority of Peruvians around me were forced to vote on April 11, because here they are fined, by law. And when I asked them which candidate they preferred, they did not know. Very sad! It is their future, and they do not realize it. The results of these elections were a bucket of cold water for the Venezuelans. Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, two leftist candidates, supporters of the Chavista/Madurista regime in Venezuela, won and went to the second round with 99% of the votes processed, one of them will win in Peru next June 6, but the damage is already done. We venezuelans know what a socialist leftist government means and we are already seeing our future in this country faltering more. Will we have to leave?