There's a dead man in Amsterdam...

Amsterdam; the city where I came into the world more than 36 years ago. Although I haven't lived there since my childhood, Amsterdam is still a city that always gives me a feeling of 'home'. Strange, because I live in a quiet village in the middle of the country, with my chickens, on the edge of the forest, and I would never want to live in Amsterdam again. But my parents still talk flat, especially when they're annoyed, and within the family we still use the Mokumse language, woven by us Dutch. Ajax is, without exception, our club, even though we all don't like football.

So much beautiful is written about our city, so much beautiful sung. “ Give me Amsterdam “we all know, and” On the Amsterdam canals “is also known far beyond the ring. But these Amsterdam pearls are of a completely different caliber. Listen and enjoy!

#yoorsworldtrip2021 #amsterdam