Tip about Polish.

Good morning Yoorsians,

Maybe some are already doing it, and it is certainly not a must, but I would like to draw your attention to it (I had it myself until 22 p.m. last night).
On Yoors there are popular hashtags in the left column.
Check for example hashtag music, which posts participate in the pool of that hashtag. There are currently 8.
Of course you can also check with other hashtags, which appeal to you and/or which are not necessarily called popular, to see if there are posts in the pool.

And then?
1.) Write a post about it yourself and join us.
2.) Give one or more posts that participate in the pool and you like good/tof/fine/informative or something (note: 10 YP will be off your balance).

The post with the most hearts on one day can win the pool, provided that it is at least 10. (I don't know whether this applies to every pool.)

Supplement (thanks to @Encaustichris ):
There must be at least 2 people in order to win the pot. If you only participate in a pool, you will get the boosters (if there is enough in the pot) but you will not win the 10%.

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