10 things to do on Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform with free accounts. But what can you do there anyway?
Below I mention 10 things, which I sometimes do there:

  1. Scroll through the timeline every day (if only 10 min.). There are (re) tweets from Twitter accounts
    that you follow;

  2. View notifications and/or private messages and respond to them if necessary;

  3. Some companies have a webcare account, which you can ask questions. Cheaper than calling and often quick answer. For example @ KPNWebCare (non-sponsored);

  4. Parts of links (for example, yoorsposts. Do you already use Smart social ?) ;

  5. Respond to and/or share tweets that appeal to you;

  6. Discover other accounts;

  7. Ask a question that you don't find the answer 1,2,3 on Google, add hashtag dare to ask ( #dta ) to your tweet;

  8. Tweet about a current hashtag. Chances are that your tweets will be viewed. You can check the range in Twitter Analytics ;

  9. Check who's following you. Consider to follow back (or block);

  10. You could also update the profile every now and then. Avatar, header and text.

Why would you do that?

After all, you would like it when:

  • your tweets are viewed (with or without links);

  • your network grows. This can lead to more website visitors (and if you have a business: customers)

Do you do these 10 things on Twitter?

Or completely different things? Let me know in a comment.


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