Where to share Yoorsposts: a (growing) list

For those who are looking for spots to share Yoorslinks, I once started on this list in Dutch and now I'm trying to collect links for English speaking Yoorsmembers. It's not a long list yet. Feel free to suggest spots in the comments. Big chance I'll add it. Also it could grow by myself.

So, bookmark this post, in case you want to check it later.

The blue colored text is clickable. Those are links to the mentioned spots.

On Ello

Always read the (current) group description and or group rules.

For example, there are groups where you are not allowed to post separate posts, but in a comment below the intended post.

On Flipboard

On Google in a review


On Mix

(formerly known as StumbleUpon)


On Pinterest

Inspire others!


On Tumblr

When you create an Instagrampost and have an account on Tumblr too, you could share on Tumblr with one click from there.

On YouTube

  • Place the link to your Yoorspost(s) in the description of your video, on your YouTubechannel. Of course when it's related to that video.
  • Also you could reply on related video's, with a link to your Yoorspost.