Was that a bit against

Ritch in the bag
There is no debit card
Well, a pretty lady
She's on a screen picture together
With her new coat

That looks good on her
As the creature must
With her, I'd like to eat a rusk
But that I think I forgot
She must be way too sweet

There she is, this blonde.
I was just about to go to the cafeteria
“Is this bag yours, ma'am”?
Or can I say “you “?
From happiness she began to cry

I offered her a cigarette
So we could go outside smoking
“The aircraft itself would not have been bad.
But there are pictures of a party on it.”
“That's lucky, look at it!”

The images
They showed a feast in opulence
“That skirt, where was it bought?”
“My husband picked it out for me!”

I was just dripping off to my lunch break.