4 Handy Twitter tools

Twitter, a social media platform where you send messages, or tweets, of up to 280 characters and often the fastest to hear the latest news.
I have been Twitter for a long time (not even a break) and gradually I have collected these tools.
Who could ever have pointed me out? I have no idea. I do know that I do a lot of myself.
By doing, I always say they learn.

#1 Longer Tweets

Did you know that you can send longer messages?
This can be done with Twitlonger .
So your message does not necessarily have to be 280 characters in total.

#2 Remove previous tweets

Want to start a new start on your Twitter account? Then, for example, you could erase all your tweets. You don't have to do this yourself one by one per tweet, what a job that would be.
It can be easily done with Tweetdelete

#3 Twitter newspaper

With Paper.li (non-sponsored), you can create an automatic newspaper with tweets on topics (which you choose). Determine how often and at what time this should be tweeted on your behalf. The tweet mentions other tweets that appear in it. There's a big chance they'll retweet this for you, so others will see your account mentioned as well...
More about it in this article:

#4 Discover your reach

With Analytics allows you to create a Twitter analysis for your account.
In this way you will discover:

  • The number of tweet views from the 28 days prior

  • How many times your Twitter account was visited in the 28 days preceding.
    So make sure that the data in your account is up to date

  • Your Toptweet (with media) per month

  • Your Top Follower per Month

You can enable this for all your Twitter accounts if you have more than one.

Did you already know these tools?

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