5 Useful Tips about Pinterest

Pinterest is a very nice place on the global web, where you can find a lot of inspiration on (almost) every topic. I myself spend an average of 15 minutes a day to poke around and pin things from Yoors.

Here are some tips from me about the fun platform Pinterest:

#1 Pin something on multiple boards

Sometimes something belongs to several categories. So why not pin it as such?

#2 Use hidden signs

A hidden sign is only visible to you and possibly people you invite.
For example, this can be useful if you want to give customers access to for their useful Pins.

You can create a hidden board like this:

Type a name (not yet used by you) for your board
Pinterest does not find the board so you can click on “+ Create:board name

Then in “Hidden” it says “No” by default. Change that to “Yes” and only then click “Create”

Hidden signs can be found at the bottom of your public signs on your account.
You can also hide them an existing public sign.
You do it like this:

Go to the relevant board, click on the pencil (is circled in the picture) and move the slider in the “Hidden” section (see arrow in the picture). Then click Save.

From hidden to public can be in the same way.

#3 Create a new board if necessary first hidden

In addition to the previous tip, my advice is to (hurry) make every new board hidden first.
If there is only one pin on it, it will probably look bare to the visitor.
So first collect a number of pins on that board and then put it public (if necessary).

#4 Cover photo of board

Change it every now and then. Because if someone visits your Pinterest account and they see the same as they did a previous visit, it's only to hope that they click on the “Pins” section.
Because there's what you pinned recently.

The last tip and a very important one:

#5 Pin blog articles

Don't just pin pins that you see on Pinterest itself, or from other people's websites.
But also blog articles. For example, a post on Yoors (your own or another Yoorsmember) and/or your own
Pin each article on a related board. Because no one is going to look for a recipe in a plate “Yoors”.

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