Add Yoorpost to a comment on Yoors

Would you like to comment on a particular post on Yoors?

You can do this with your own posts as well as other people's posts.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to a post, where you want to respond with attachment.
  2. Under the post is a response field. Under that field, click “Add Yoors Post”
  3. A small screen opens with input field. In that field, start typing the post you want to attach to the comment
  4. Search results appear. Click on the desired post
  5. Then the selected item is attached to the response field. Type an accompanying text in the response field
  6. Click on “Reply”

See also this video (dutch) on YouTube:

Response to Response

You can also add an attachment to a response to a comment.
Instead of “Add Yoors Post” it says “Add link” but it works the same.

Another way:

You can also copy the url (full link, including https: //) of that post and paste it into the input field (mentioned in point 3 in the explanation). This way you can also add external links.

Is this clear to you?

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