Challenges at Yoors, how does it work?

At Yoors you can encounter challenges, or challenges. Sometimes from Yoors himself, it concerns: obtaining a number of views, which is then rewarded extra.
Yoorsleds also organise challenges. They are often writing challenges. They can't reward them in YoorPoints, but participating is already a lot of fun. More about that further in this explanation.

Members sometimes ask how such a challenge works.

If you are taking part in a challenge from a Yoorsmember:

  • you can read in the challenge what the intention is. Sometimes it is not necessarily a writing challenge. Sometimes it starts with a certain piece of text that you take over and then proceed with your interpretation or contains one or more keyword (s) to be processed;
  • you will come up with a participation that meets the 'conditions' of the challenge in question. Then you work it out and place it yourself. This can be a weblog or in some cases a photo for example. Just on your Yoors account;
  • By using one or more hashtags at the bottom of your fill (as is often mentioned in a challenge), the entries of that challenge are useful together. Because if someone clicks on that keyword, he/she also discovers the other entries;
  • Sometimes the creator also likes it if you put the link to your interpretation in a comment under his challenge.

Whatever your fill in, link to the challenge in question, by sharing the full link to it, or via Post in Post - Yes. Because:

  • The creator likes that;
  • Thus, the reader knows the reason of placement;
  • In this way, you may also encourage others to participate;
  • By sharing you earn by the way Yoorpoints

What's so fun about it?

  • The fillings differ from each other

  • You learn from each other

  • You inspire each other

  • It creates a bond

  • Sometimes collaborations arise spontaneously. People who write a (often hilarious) sequel to another's story (link to the previous and possible next part)
  • It has produced many hilarious stories

  • You may be surprised at what can roll out of your own pen

Of course, participating is completely free of obligation.

In the sense of participating is not mandatory. You can only do it if you're a Yoorsmember.

You can join Yoors with the link below:

Can you think of a challenge yourself?

- Sure. - Sure. Also feel free to use several.


Updated March 19th. 2020

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