Color in your blog article (explanation with video)

Sometimes you can see blog articles embellished with colored letters and/or background.
“How do you do that?” earlyDiaantjeslifeI agree.
And I promised I'd write an explanation about it.

The explanation below is intended for desktop users.

Below is the explanation of- Neance. - Yeahlinked, how it works on a smartphone.
Another nice collaboration on Yoors!

Color in your blog

For uni-colours:

  1. Select a title or building block

  2. A bar appears above. This makes it possible to make text italic or bold, for example.
    Click on the black and white ball in that row. If you hover it with the mouse, the word “Color” appears

  3. A new screen opens. You can color the text in the foreground, or the background both.

    • “Forecolor”. This gives a title, or whole text in a building block, a color.

    • “Backcolor”. This gives a whole building block a color.

Choose from the many available colours. At the bottom of the colours are many shades. Click on the most right and then even lighter shades of that color will appear.
White (suppose you want white text on a black background) can be done with the button “WHITE”

Remember Color Code

At the bottom of the color options field is a down arrow. Click on it and a field will appear. Click on a color and the code for that color will appear. So it is possible to apply exactly the same color elsewhere!

Take out color.

Clear can be done with the “CLEAR” button, which is located at the bottom right of the color selection field.


Save in the meantime as a draft. Especially if you want to color multiple parts of your blog article.

You can also use theBuilding block for recruit memberscolour (s):


For example, so.

Except left. They remain - on Yoors - always in the same bluish tinge.

See also this video (dutch) on YouTube:

Do you want two colors to blend together?
Click a building block in your blog at the bottom right. A bar emerges. Click on the gear wheel.
Next, a screen opens on the right side. Click on the “Gradient” button and choose!

With the buttons under “Custom” you can create your own combinations.
With the “Add” button you can add your own combinations. Useful if you want to use a certain gradient that you thought up yourself more often!

Buttons with color

If you add buttons to your blog, you can also color them. See this article .


Dark Mode removes all color for light-sensitive eyes. Color is visible in light mode. (That's what Babita pointed to me.)


Updated: March 21st. 2020