Easter decoration from denim fabric

From denim fabric you can make fun things! So also a decoration for Easter!



  • Newspaper strips
  • Modeling balloons
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Scissors

  • Denim fabric
  • Needle or pin


1. Fill a modeling balloon with air, if necessary using a pump.

2. Tie the ends together in the shape of an egg.

3. Paste all around with wallpaper glue and newspaper strips. Also at the end!

4. After 3 layers, leave to dry well overnight.


5.With puncture or needle balloon puncture.

6. Covered with denim fabric all around.

By the way, how to make a roll of denim fabric
to crochet with, or to coat the resulting egg... https://youtu.be/YTf6RNI9iCk

Just dust shortage for the point? No problem...

From a piece of denim fabric, make a bow around it!

Then this is the end result:

Also nice to make from denim fabric:

Whatever you can make with modeling balloons:

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