Customize popup text

Visitors of articles that you share somewhere will see your own pop-up text coming into view.
You can customize that text as desired and you can link a welcome blog to it.

What is a popup?

Literally something that pops out in the picture.
On Yoors, the pop-up is intended to get the reader to register.
So stimulate that in your text. If you are via your unique login link sign up, earns both the new member, as well as you there Yoorpoints with me.

Where can you enter/adjust the text of the popup?

You can customize it at any time:

  1. Log in to Yoors
  2. Go to the menu (the three horizontal dashes in the upper right corner)
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. A screen opens. Click “Invite Friend”
  5. Another screen opens. At the top is your unique login link. Underneath "Write a text for your own personal popup" is a text field.
    There is already a standard text in there, which Yoors has put in for you.  Leave it like that, or adjust it (with a maximum of 200 characters)
  6. Finished? Click “Save”.

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What text could you put?

The text may consist of a limited number of characters. So keep it short.
If you find it difficult to come up with a text, you could log out and visit an article by a fellow blogger to see how he/she handled it.

Some examples:

  • “Welcome to the educational blog platform Yoors! You can become a member anonymously. Would you like to be able to view the article without becoming a member? Click on the cross to close this pop-up. Greets,"
  • “Nice that you ended up on my article. This pop-up you could just click away. Or you can also join Yoors. Give it a try!”
  • “Hello there! On the innovative platform Yoors you can blog anonymously. Yoors does not collect data about you and does not show any advertising. Experience it yourself by signing up! Follow me because of many tips, especially about Yoors.

You can see what the effect of your pop-up is:

Indeed, it is mentioned:

  • How many members you have managed to bring in with it so far

  • What your scoring percentage is
  • Whether that percentage is equal, above or below average. Is it under, I would definitely consider adjusting the text.

Are you also blogging at Yoors?
With the link below you can become a member:


Updated March 21st. 2020