Facebook page likes via a post on Yoors!

My previous website, I had created in Wordpress. There you could use a handy plugin to place a so-called “Facebook page Likebox”.
But since I don't have that website anymore, I wanted that likebox on Yoors.
On Profile this is not possible (for the time being). (Maybe in the future? For paying members?)
What is a Facebook page Likebox?
A small screen that shows a Facebook page that you manage. The visitor sees how many likes that page already has and a Like button. If the visitor has already given that page a thumb, it says: “Liked”
Why would you want to put one in a post?
To get (even) more thumbs for that page on Facebook.

How do you show a Facebook page likebox in your post?

1. Create or edit an extended post
2. Open the blog editor
3. In “General” or “Content” section, drag the top building block in your post. This one looks like this:

4. A small screen opens, where you enter the URL of that page.
5. Click on “Check link”
6. If a preview is shown, click “Add” (If no preview is shown, the url is incorrect.)
Which I am sorry...
In the Wordpress plugin you can choose whether to display faces of Facebook friends. With the building block in Yoors blog editor, that option is not there.
That is worth considering, within the framework of the Privacy Act. That's why I'm only showing a screenshot, with the faces of Facebook friends shielded, but that image is clickable... HINT
So, uh...
It is an option to show the likebox in an image, blur the avatars themselves and then make the image clickable.

How could it possibly be added otherwise?

Via a Page Plugin of Facebook itself. There you can uncheck “Show Friends Faces”, or show faces of Facebook friends.
You can empty the “Tabs” field. This way only shows the header of your page and not a feed. (That too is a choice of course.)

Then click on the blue button “Get Code”
A small screen opens. Choose “iFrame”
Copy the code.
Drag a text block into your post.
Clear the contents
Paste the code into that field

If it is good, after saving your page plugin is inserted into your post.

(Am myself very curious now...)

Noop, unfortunately the iFramecode wont appear here.