Search for a certain Yoorsmember

On the profile of a Yoorsmember there are his posts. You can find the profile of a Yoorslid as follows:

Through the search field what you find under the magnifying glass.


  • Click the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen.
  • A search field becomes visible.
  • Type a monkey tail. So: “@”
  • Directly behind the blog name of the profile you are looking for, exactly as the blogname, so including any spaces.
    If you are looking for me, type "@Ingrid" space “Tips” space “en” space “meer”. As shown here:
  • Then press magnifying glass
  • A thumbnail appears, with the wanted blog name on it. Click on it to visit the relevant profile.

See also this video (dutch):

Some Yoormembers have mentioned the link to their profile in the info of their social media account (s). For example, on Instagram. Or on their website.


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