Follow Yoorsmembers to see their latest posts

You can follow members on Yoors.


Go to the profile of the relevant Yoorslid (click on a blog name). At the top right (below the picture) are these three buttons. Click on it “Follow”.


Then you follow the one and that button has changed:

Where can you find who or what you're following?

1. Click on the bell on the left


2. Under “NEXT” you see who you follow. Click the three dots at the bottom of that section to see more.
To see more, click on the three dots again. And so on.


Why would you want to do that?

To use that list 'easy' to visit the profile of the person.
For example, to check if you saw all the recent blogs of that person. Or to send him/her a private message (that can be done by clicking on the envelope). Or in the “worst” case, those (temporarily) to go Ignore it .

Where can you find who follows you?

If someone is going to follow you, you will receive a notification in your inbox. Furthermore, you can not see who (already) follow you.

How can you get more followers on Yoors?

Read the tips in the article below:

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Updated March 21st. 2020