Hashtags on Yoors

What is a hashtag?

A topic with a#(gate) for it. For example, I use #yoorshelp for all my manuals on Yoors.

Why would you use hashtags?

For (increasing) the discoverability of posts.
Because if someone:

  • on a hashtag, you will see any other posts about it. So you post a lot about a particular topic, your posts (most likely) will also be found!

  • searches on the topic too!

So... use it.

Oh, by the way... To save a post you have to use at least one hashtag.

Where can you place hashtags?

In a post and in a comment.

How many can you place?

An unlimited number!!

Which hashtags?

This depends on the post where you place the hashtag (s).
For example, for posts about:

Please check your posts to add hashtags. Can't you edit a post anymore? Then put them in a reaction.

No inspiration?

Here you can see which hashtags have been searched for recently, on Yoors.
Click on the bottom button on the left and see “RECENT USED BY OTHERS”


Good to know:

From the first used hashtag in a post, related posts are shown below.
Also, the first used hashtag appears in the url. If you change a hashtag afterwards, you will still find the first used in the url.

Last but not (at all) least:

This article from @Dewaputra .


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