Insert video in a blog article on Yoors

With the blog editor you can create a blog article.
For example, you can insert video (s) there. In this article I also inserted a video myself.

What is meant by inserting video on Yoors?

Show a video in your blog article.

Why would you want to do that?

  • Then one does not leave the blog
  • To clarify a blog
  • You want to draw attention to a nice song or some documentary for example

  • Different

Show a YouTube video in your blog, how do you do that?

Click the arrow behind “General”. Scroll down. Somewhere almost at the bottom is the building block for a YouTube video.


  1. Click with the left mouse button on the building block for YouTube video
  2. Hold down and drag the building block to where you want it to be displayed in your blog article
  3. If you see a gray bar appear, it is a possible place to release your mouse button
  4. Then click on the top right of the video and a button for a link will appear. Click on it
  5. A small screen opens. There you paste the link to the video (about the link already there). Then press “OK”.

    The video will then be added to your blog, at your chosen location.


This video (dutch) shows how:

Where you paste the link, can you “? rel=0". Then after playing that video no other video suggestions will be shown. Explanation:

Display a video smaller

That is also possible. Explanation can be found here.

How to add videos, from another source than YouTube?

With the top building block in the sections “Basic” and "Add content":
With this you can enter (external) links. Both from YouTube, as well as other sources, you can insert videos that way.

NOTE: A playlist on YouTube can only be added with this building block.


Want to add a video you've seen on Facebook? Read this manual.

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Updated March 24th. 2020