Main page on Yoors

What do you see as a logged in Yoorsmember on the main page?

UPDATE May 29th. 2020

The carousel is replaced by "Most voted"!

Top left

The logo of Yoors.

By pointing next to the logo, an arrow appears. With that arrow, you can open and close the menu.


Top right

Binoculars allows you to determine how the posts are displayed on the main page.
Next to it is the button to your bookmarks. And then next to the envelope to messages and chat .


Behind it is your profile picture, blog name and the bar menu. Menu's are explained in this post:

Feed "Most voted"

Maximum of 1 post per Yoorsmember will be shown, randomly and only those posts you've not visited before.
It depends on how many votes (hearts) a post got, if it'll be shown there.

The number of tiles you see depends on your choice under the button where binoculars are displayed.

Below that are also shown "New arrivals".
In this feed you see the most recent posts which where published on Yoors, by members.
You might discover members you didn't follow yet.

How do you get back to the main page?

By clicking on the logo of Yoors in the upper left corner of the screen.
Or by clicking “Yoors” in the drop-down menu (the three dashes in the top right).

Become a member of this informative and cozy platform.


Updated May 29th. 2020