Make Christmas wish in Paint.NET

In a photo editing program such as Paint dot NET you can design your own Christmas wish.

Why would you want to do that?

That is:

  • more personal
  • more original
  • fun to do
  • Environmentally friendly

How do you do that?

  1. Open Paint.NET (If you don't have that free program yet, Here where you can download it.)
  2. Open a beautiful photo you made yourself or find one that is royalty free on the Internet
  3. Open three auxiliary windows:
    a. tools (tools)
    b. Colors (colors)
    c. layers
  4. Choose color eyedropper tool (colorpicker)
  5. Click on a color in the image that you want to use as text color.
    In the Colors window you will see that color appear
  6. Click layer (layers)
  7. Choose New Layer (New Layer)
  8. Choose Text tool (text)
  9. Choose a font
  10. Choose a font size
  11. Type the text
  12. Drag to desired spot on the image
  13. Choose “Save As”

  14. Name file

  15. Choose extension .jpeg
  16. Choose a storage location that you can easily find
  17. Click on “Save”
  18. Click “Merge Layers.”

    For clarification, it is this (Dutch) video on YouTube :


    Optionally rotate the text layer so that your text is tilted:

    1. choose layer
    2. choose Rotate/Zoom
    3. turn to your liking

    4. shift to your liking
    5. click “Ok”


    Undo one or more actions with the round arrow to the left.

    This Christmas card I once made in Paint.NET:

    Share your design in a comment

    There are many more possibilities.

    My manuals about it are in this post:


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