Creating a post on Yoors

A post on Yoors could be a blog article or a quickpost.

How to start a post

You start each post by clicking on the plus sign on the left.


Or, if that menu is expanded, click “+ CREE POST”:


Now you could create a quickpost.

There are different buttons:


Possibilities of the top row from left to right: Bold, oblique, underlined, crossed out | Align text to the left, in the middle, to the right or justify | Enumeration with bullets or numbers | image, link, search post by Yoors, tag a yoorslid, choose translation , choose emoticon, three dots for more options.

Om de tweede rij te zien, klik je achteraan de eerste rij op een knop met drie puntjes (niet in bovenstaande afbeelding zichtbaar).

Possibilities of the second row from l.n.r.: Header tag 1, 2 and 3, look underwater | superscript, subscript | remove all text formatting | up arrow to close the second row.

Below in the quickpost editor, there are three buttons. The first one is turn translations on / off. With the second one you can choose how many yp you want to receive for the post, from each visitor to be able to read it in total, when paid the asked amount. With the third one you decide which Yoorsmember of hashtag the earned YP go to.


Or... create a Blog

For even more (many) possibilities you could create a more extensive post, or a blog. You can do this by leaving everything empty and then clicking on “Expand your post with the editor”.
This article will guide you through it step by step:

Single photo

Posting photos separately (so outside a blog) is also possible. See this explanation :


Updated May 13th. 2020