Mandala Coasters (update)

One of my hobbies is making mandalas /zendalas. I show this in an overview as below:

This time I designed coasters

Nice for the caravan I had changed my mind. Of course, they can be used everywhere. Only for cold drinks, because I don't know if booklet can handle hot drinks.

How did I do that?

  1. On paper, I took off the perimeter of a square coaster
  2. In the middle I pulled the inner circle of a protractor
  3. I put a point at a number of degrees of your choice
  4. Intuitively I made lines using a geo-triangle, by connecting the points together
  5. Around it I made up padding
  6. With fineliner I pulled over the pencil drawing
  7. With thick fineliner I colored the e.e.a. black and/or doodlede what
  8. Cut out and glued to thin cardboard
  9. Covered with bucklon
  10. Cut it out

What do you think?
Does this have potential? Would anyone be interested in such a set of, for example, 8 pieces? And what would be a reasonable asking price?


The fine thing about this is that you easily wipe them with a damp cloth, without damaging the drawing.

Updated 06/09/2019

So now I have 8 black/white coasters and 16 colored ones.

Those 16 are the squares from the cinco de maya.

My plan

Of the zendalas I made on A3, I want to make placemats, in the same way. They would fit well.

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