Menu on Yoors

On Yoors you will find a number of menus.(Yes, also in terms of recipes, but that's not what this is about.)

Button menu on the left:

From top to bottom:

  • Magnifier: allows you to search for posts, members, topics
  • Plus sign: allows you to create a post
  • Cell: Next
  • Clock: Recently used by you
  • The button below the clock: Recently used by others.

(This is also mentioned in the explanation about the main page on Yoors .)


Point to the logo. An arrow appears. With that you can collapse or expand that menu.

In or unfold:

You can open or close that menu. When folded, you only see the buttons. When you expand, you can see the titles of those buttons, with an arrow at the back to open or close the heads.

Here's an example of how the drop-down menu can look:

Default (but only visible in the drop-down menu or if you have clicked on one of the buttons) is also FAQ at the bottom, which contains:

  • What is Yoors?
  • Conditions
  • Contact, please
  • Help! Help

How do you do that, collapse or expand menu?
If you click on a button from the menu, it will already collapse. Or point the mouse at the logo and an arrow appears.


Bar menu

The button with three horizontal dashes, is another menu.

At the top are your profile picture, blog name and email address with which you log in to Yoors.
Underneath the balance you've earned on Yoors until then.
Below is the number of YPs (Yorpoints) listed.

  • Statistics: How many views do your posts have? How many support views received posts from other Yoormembers because of you?
  • YP history: when are how many YPs come in and through which.
  • Landingpages: only for those who have a website via Yoors
  • Payout: how that works is Here explained
  • Purchased posts: post which you've allready paid to be able to read them
  • Preferences
  • Smart Social
  • Dark mode: choose dark mode if you don't want to display Yoors in light mode. You can also go back to the light mode at the same spot in the menu
  • Report a bug: Do you notice that something is not working (properly), make it known
  • Logout: speaks for itself.

Blue text is clickable. Explanation concerns.

Close Menu

This can be done by using the arrow, which becomes visible when you point the cover photo at the top of the drop-down menu.

Profile menu

When you visit your own profile, you will see these buttons:

  • “... selected items” is used to delete multiple posts at once.
  • “Edit profile”: Place or change profile picture/cover photo/description.

In addition, there are a number of icons:

  • QR code
  • Link: URL to your profile
  • Share button: share your profile
  • Statistics: how often your profile has been viewed
  • Website (only if you have one, via Yoors)

Become a Yoorsmember

with the link below:


Updated May 13th. 2020