More followers on Yoors

More followers on Yoors, isn't that what you want?

How can you tell who's following you?

When a Yoorsmember started following you, you'll receive a notification.

This is how you might get more followers on Yoors:

  1. Give a welcome to new members and start to follow them. For example, someone

    • with the same interest (s)

    • that can belong to your target group

      Chances that he or she will follow you as well

  2. Provide variation in your messages. Post interesting things you want to share with the world.
    Or something funny, something leather, something personal, countless possibilities there are

  3. Share the link to your Yoors account or unique login link, outside of Yoors. For example, on social media or your website

  4. Make sure your profile is up to date. Write a (short) text there. For example what your posts will be about. Did you know that you can also place a link there? It is automatically clickable

  5. Share posts of others and tag them on social media (provided you know what their account is, of course)

Related to what I mentioned in point 1:

And related to point 2:

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