Personal text with double click heart

If you double-click a heart under a post, you can give a different number of Yoorpoints, than the default 10 at a click on the heart.
For your own posts, you can customize that text.

Default text

This is what the text looks like for everyone, unless one adjusts it:

Custom Text

The text “Like what you see?” and “Give a little gift to @" can be changed.
Use your imagination. Or leave it as it is. That is all fine.

Want to know if someone adjusted his or hers?

Then double click on the heart under the post. NOTE: You are then about to donate YP...(if you don't want that, you can click the screen away via the cross in the upper right corner).

By the way...

Wheather you click once or more: after that the heart will be shown red. So you'll know wheather or not you've rewarded that post or comment.