Pinterest Save Button for Images

As a visitor about an image on my Blogger blog “Have you seen this sometimes?“hovert”, or hover over it, a Pinterest Save button appears.

Why would you want to?

This encourages a visitor to your website or blog, to pin one or more image (s) on Pinterest. The pin is then automatically provided with the link where that image comes from.
So... if someone on Pinterest comes across the image and clicks on the corresponding link, they end up on your blog!
In short: You increase the chance of (more) visitors.

How do you place a Pinterest Save button on your...

...Blogger blog?

1. Log in to Blogger
2. Click “Theme”
3. Then click “Edit HTML”. (Can't you see that? Click on the “Classic Version” button)
4. To be sure, make a copy of all html. If something goes wrong, you could fix it by putting it back. You do this by selecting everything and then pasting it into Notepad and saving it findable.
If you give it a name, replace only the asterisk of “*.txt”
5. Go to the Widget creator of Pinterest
6. Go to the “Save button” tab (probably it is already open automatically)
7. Choose “Image at Pick” button type
8. Choose “round” or “Large” (or both)
9. Optionally, choose a language to display. This is by default on the visitor's language
10. Copy the code shown in the lower right corner
11. Paste the code into the html, in the desired place. In any case, place it in front of the closing body tag.
Is that hard to find?Hold down CTRL and click “F”. Then a search field appears. Type there as search term: the smaller than character, followed by a
slash, followed by the text “body” and the greater than character. So, this is how:pinterestThis will then be shown in yellow.

12. Click “Save Theme”

13. Visit your blog to check if it works.


...Yoors post?

With a short yoorpost you can provide each tile with a Pinterest Save button. Both image (s) and link (s)!
1. Follow steps 5 to 10 of the Blogger-blog explanation (above)
2. Log in to Yoors
3. Create a post, but do not click “Expand your post with the editor”
4. Upload an image and/or link to an existing post. Leave the tile (s) thereof.
5. At the top is a row of buttons. Click on the three horizontal dots at the back (that is the “More” button)
6. A second row of buttons is shown. Click on the Superscript button (see image below)
7. Paste the code there. It may seem like you're not sticking anything, but it works. Hoover just over the tile (s).


That's what I did in this post:

TIP! It can also be afterwards!!

See also this video:

...WordPress website?

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