Placing multiple links in a Yoorpost at once

It's possible to place multiple links in a post on Yoors. Either a quickpost or a blogpost you create and/or adjust.

Why would you want to do that?

  • By placing several links in a Yoorpost at the same time, you can save time.
  • The links are shown by Yoors as tiles
  • It is possible to remove both links and tiles. So if you don't want to show a link (s), but you do want to show the tile (s), you can do that.
  • Add or remove something afterwards can also be

How do you do that?

Subject explanation for a quickpost:
  1. Create a text file.
  2. Place in it a series of links (can be both a Yoorspost and an external link). Between each link one space. Test NO .

  3. Select all links
  4. Hold down the Ctrl key and click “C”
  5. Go to Yoors
  6. Click “+” or “Create Post”
  7. In the empty section, click
  8. Hold down the Ctrl key and click “V”
  9. Just wait. Tiles appear
  10. Nothing happening? Click the spacebar once at the back.
  11. Ever remove left
  12. Type one or more hashtags
  13. Type, if necessary, an accompanying text
  14. - Ready? - Yeah. Click on “OK”

In an extended (re) post it works almost the same. Between points 6 and 7, first click on “Expand your post”. Drag an untitled text building block into the blog and proceed to point 8.

In addition, it can also be directly in Yoors, so you don't have to create an external document. When you do, you immediately have a back up. Should the placement go wrong, that is certainly useful.

See this video on YouTube:



The links linked to the tiles open in a new tab!


If no tile is shown at a link, information is missing for Yoors.