Plastic eggs dots

I've always kept some plastic eggs. But they had no purpose yet.
Now that Easter is approaching, three plastic eggs were just standing, I thought it would be nice to dot something on them. No art, but just simple.

What? Plastic eggs were standing?

Yeah, these three have a flat bottom.


The third (the largest of the three) I started by putting dots with equal distance around the middle.
Up there, I put dots in a different color.
Above it again a different color.
And so on.
As the top was reached, I have always put slightly smaller dots.
Top in 1 color from large to small dots.

Oh dear!
I was in the paint with my fingers. OOPS!

With the help of cotton swabs, I took it away.



In the end, I am satisfied with the result.

It can always be done better.
I have more plastic eggs, but they can't stand. Maybe I'll dotart them.

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