Images in blogpost

You want to dress up a blog article on Yoors with pictures or photos? You can do this with a number of building blocks from the blog editor.
And the fun thing is that you can place more than one, in various ways.

To begin with:

Make sure you only use homemade and/or royalty free images.

The header (photo at the very top):

To give your blog a nice top, choose or upload a header.
Below the header picture you see 4 buttons:

  • the button with camera is to upload a photo yourself (i.e. add from files)
  • the button with two intertwined arrows serves to select a random image - provided by Yoors
  • The two rear buttons allow you to browse through the images provided by Yoors.

With + or - you could display the photo larger or smaller(for me it does not work).
If necessary, slide that the desired area is visible.
Then click “OK” at the top left of the photo. (Or, if you want to roll it back, click the curved arrow to the left)

You can also make one yourself. For example, with Paint.NET (nonsponsored)

Images in the rest of your blog post

In the blog editor are several building blocks that allow you to add images to your blog. In the sections “Basic” and “Photos”.

See also this video on YouTube (dutch):

Make image clickable

Do you want a link to open when you click on the image? You set this as follows:

  1. Drag an image building block into the blog article;
  2. Click on the building block;
  3. Three icons appear. Choose the first one;
  4. Upload desired image;
  5. Click on the image;
  6. The three icons appear again. Choose the second one (as shown in the picture);
  7. A screen opens. Paste the link in the appropriate field (as shown in the other image).


It is also possible to change dividing lines in an image.

In the blog editor you can find those, as well as the standard dividing lines, in the “Separation” section:

If you place any building block with dividing line in your blog, click it, you will see a link at the top right. That's to attach a link to it.
You can also see a button with Camera. You can download the imagereplacedfor your own image.
TIP! You can make a divorce line clickable..!


Updated on March 21st. 2020