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You probably noticed it once. At the bottom of blog articles is often a “Read more” section.
Here is an explanation of how you can add such a section to your blog article.

Here's how you do it:

  1. In the blog editor at the top is “General”. Click on the arrow

  2. A menu opens. Click on “Add Content”

  3. yoorshelpEN

    A screen with building blocks collapses. The second one is for “Read more”, with which you can only insert (part of) your own posts.(With the third building block,” Post-in-post “, you can also insert other people's posts. But that aside.)

  4. Drag the “read-more” block to the desired place in your blog

  5. Click the block to

  6. A new screen opens. You can change or delete “Read more”

  7. Click on “Add a page”

  8. In a new screen, you can choose from your own blogs one by one. Don't worry, it's remembered where you've been scrolled, so you don't have to do it over and over again.

  9. You can add as many posts as you want. The visitor could browse through it by means of arrows.
    You can also choose to add 'only' 3 posts to one “Read More” block and then insert several of those blocks into your blog.
    However:only relatively recent posts can be inserted. Alternatively, you could use post in post .
    At the bottom of this article I also added “Read more” section.

  10. You can shift the order of view

  11. - Ready? - Yeah. Click “Save”.

  12. It is always possible to change. Click on the “Read more” section and change as desired. For example, delete a post using trash, or change the order of displayed posts.


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Updated March 24th. 2020