How to recruit members for Yoors

YOU can also provide more members on Yoors. And Yoors rewards both the new member and you for that, through Yoorpoints. It can be done in the following ways:

1. Give someone your unique login link

  1. Go to the menu (the three dashes in the upper right corner)

  2. Choose "Preferences"

  3. Click on “Invite a friend or girlfriend”

As you can see in the picture above, my personal link looks like this:

My Yoors ID is linked to that. So your link will look different.
Click on the “Copy link” button,and you can share that login link elsewhere.

The reward for this is varying.

If someone uses your personal link, this will be shown to him / her:
(Again: the amount of Yoorspoints vary. So the "200" mentioned in this picture are just an example.)


Where to share the unique link to register?

  • On your website
  • On social media or other websites,in

    - your account info
    - reactions,if relevant
    - descriptionsoran image or video

  • In an email (at the bottom for example)
  • Give the login link to those who ask for how to become a member.

    2. Use the login building block in the blog editor

    That building block looks like this:

    Invite friend

    The square is a QR code.

    In that building block you can change the following:

    • The image
    • The upper lineortext “Invite friend” can be changed to another,optionally smaller/bold/italic/underlined) text,attach a link to it or delete that text;

    • The link “Login” is already there for you. Would you like to change that? Click on it. A paperclip appears. Click on that.

    The building block can be found in the blog editor in the section Add Yoors content:

    3. QR
    In the menu go to “Settings” and choose “Invite friend”. Click the QR button.
    Share the code,people can scan it and join through you. Or place it on images or on your business card and/or folder.

    4. Simply give the url to Yoors

    Doesn't it matter to you if you earn Yoorpoints by recruiting a new member?
    Then just give the link to Yoors: or

    5. Tell about it

    Why you like it. Or read this for inspiration:

    6. Share Articles

    Non-members also want to respond to posts and that can only be done when they are members. Chances are they're asking you how to join...

    7. Write an article

    Make something as #yoorspromotion . On Yoors itself, or externaly.

    8. Create an inviting image yourself

    A poster,a post or story on Instagram,an avatar,there are many possibilities.

    9. Make a video and post on your YouTube channel

    Mention your login link in the description.

    And then?

    If someone logs in via your personal link, ID, QRcode etcetera, you both receive YoorsPoints for that. You as a thank you for recruiting the member and the other as a thank you for joining. (Unless you used tip 5.)


    Updated August 27th. 2020

    Disclaimer: The header is an example. No rights can be derived from this.

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