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Somehow you found Yoors. Great!
Perhaps you have read or viewed something and would like to respond directly to it.
Or someone pointed you to this platform and it has aroused your interest.
Something made you decide to write articles here or just to read/comment/share.
Oh, good!

Registration can be done quickly and easily

Method 1

You can register on Yoors as follows:
Go to

Then click on “Sign up” at the top right of the screen.

Then a screen opens where you can register with an email address. Enter that in the “Email” field.

You will then receive further instructions at that email address.

For signing up, you will be rewarded with Yoorpoints .

Method 2

Through a login link a friend gave you. (At the bottom of this post you will also see “Login”... #HINT )
That's where the unique Yoors ID of the person. So that both those and you get a reward in the form of YoorPoints.

Are you already a member?


Updated March 24th. 2020

Here you can register: