Responding to posts and or responses

You can respond to all posts and responses on Yoors.
At least, if you are a member. Which, by the way, is free.(Register Here.)

Why would you want to react?

  • Because something appeals to you (immensely)

  • To show that you have read it

  • Different

Where can you respond to Yoors?

  • In a comment under a post;

  • yoorshelpEN
  • To a response under a post.

How do you do that?

Type a text and add an attachment if necessary:
  • external link by pasting the url into the comment field
  • Yoorpost, by clicking on the magnifying glass and then searching for the relevant post. Is the desired mail not listed? Then paste the link to it in the response field. r

  • image by clicking on the camera

  • Emoticon

With apetail (@) you can tag a Yoorslid. If you respond to a response from a Yoorsmember, his/her tag appears automatically. More about tagging:

Do you have to respond?

No, only when you want to. Sometimes:

  • the subject does not appeal to you
  • you can read something that you don't know how to say anything
  • you think: “It's better that I don't respond to this”

No problem. No problem. We don't all think the same thing.

Also possible:

Give Yoorspoints to another Yoorsmember. How it works:

How does anyone know that he/she was responding to something?

Comments end up in the Inbox of the relevant Yoorsmember. The creator of a post receives notification of any response under that post, even if they are addressed to another person (by tag).


Sometimes page refresh is required to see an attachment of your comment.

Can you delete a comment?

Yes. By pointing your mouse behind the response field, three vertical dots appear. Click on it and choose “Delete”. Any responds that have been given to that response will be disappeared.

Are you blogging at Yoors?