Preferences on Yoors

On Yoors you can specify certain "Preferences".
For example, you can change your password and specify which e-mails you would like to receive.
You will also find your unique link to invite someone to join Yoors.

Where to find preferences:

Go to the barmenu (the three dashes in the upper right corner of the screen) and choose “Preferences” there. This will show up:

The use of those buttons:

  • Filter
    There you can see which members you ignore , and maybe undo that
  • Invite a friend or girlfriend
    That's your personal link to:
    - recruit new members
    -your personal pop-up text for non-members
    -link your welcome blog to the pop-up CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • Settings
    Here you can change your nickname and e-mail address.
    Please note that the full link to your profile (the url) can't be changed.
  • Language
    Choose a preferred language
  • Notifications
    Determine what e-mail notifications you want to receive. If you do not want to receive an email, uncheck all options.
    Do not forget to click on “Save”.
  • Delete account.
    Rest assured, if you click on this button is not yet a man (or woman) overboard. Only when you check and confirm in the screen what follows, it is very unfortunate.


Updated: March 25th. 2020

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