Share Yoorsposts #howto

Every now and then Yoorsmembers ask questions like: “How can I share my posts on Facebook? “How does sharing work?” Time for an explanation.

There is always a place where you can share Yoorsposts:

You can share a post on Yoors, from yourself or from another Yoorsmember, in several ways:

1. Use sharing buttons underneath a Yoorspost

At the bottom of every post on Yoors, you can see buttons.
The second, third and fourth buttons are sharing buttons.

- With the envelope you share a mail by e-mail.
- With the button next to you share a post per whats-app.
- The button next to it is the share icon (part icon).

Click on that one, to use one (or more) of these social media icons, to share that certain yoorspost:


Below you could also see these sharing buttons (unless you clicked them away, but after a few days they are back).
The icons stand for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp. The three dots are for more sharing buttons.

If you click on thepart-icon(or the three dots) opens a screen with sharing buttons:

How to use these sharing buttons:

    1. Click on an icon where you have an account and want to share it there;
    2. Then a small screen opens;
    3. There is already text, which you can customize to your liking;
    4. Press “Place”.

    The button “Share with Smart Social”. The “i” gives extra info.

    "Close" is to close that screen.

    2. Sharing shortlink (shortened link)

    One of the sharing buttons is a switch.

    If you click on it, you will see the shortened link, or shortlink, of the relevant post.

    Note: this does not contain your Yoors-ID. That doesn't matter for your own posts, but if you share a post from a fellow Yoorsmember by using the short link, you won't receive YoorsPoints for actually achieved supporter views.

    3. Share full link

    In your browser window there is a bar with a url. A full link, which starts on Yoors with https: //

    As a Yoorsmember, the link you see also contains your Yoors-ID .

    • On PC, select that whole link with your mouse, then right-click Copy.
      On mobile, point the link with a finger and hold. If it is correct, an option “copy” appears. Click on it.

      Do you want your YoorSID thereI'm not, remove everything from the question mark at the back.
      However, no pageviews will be generated through you either. (Read: then you can not yoorpoints to earn.)
    • Then paste the copied link wherever you want. In a blog , in a comment or externally anywhere on social media or on your website.

    For example, on:

    • YouTube: in the description, under a video upload, on your own YouTube channel. The link is clickable there. Tip: Do this in the first or second line of the description. This way you are most likely to notice it (and probably be clicked on it).
    • Instagram: There is no share button for Instagram. However, you can also share blogs there. Discover in this article how you can do that.

    4. Use iFrame:


    The button contains a code to add a Yoorspost as an i-Frame to your website or blog outside of Yoors.


    5. On Yoors

    Use post in post or tiles.

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    Updated March 25th. 2020