Show video in blog smaller

In the new editor on Yoors, there is' only '1 building block for video. Namely, a big one, for YouTube.
It serves to be able to insert a video into a blog.
Do you want to display it smaller, possibly with text left or right next to it? It could be.

It could look like this:

Example 1
Two columns. Text in the left column, video in the right. Or the other way around.

Example 2
Three columns. Maybe text in the left and or middle column, video in the right

Anyhow, the video looks smaller:

Example 3

Four columns. You could type text in one, two or three columns you prefer or maybe use image(s) to put in one or more of the columns.

However, the video will be shown in the smallest size possible:

Here's how you do it:

  1. Drag the video building block into your blog
  2. Click on the building block in your blog.
  3. Buttons appear. In the upper left corner, click on the three vertical dots in the bar with buttons

  4. A vertical bar with even more buttons appears. Click on “+”
  5. Options appear to add to that building block. Choose “Paragraph”
  6. The video is shown in the building block (a lot) smaller (like the examples above). There is a text block to the right of the video. Above the text is a bar with buttons. With left or right arrow you can move the text if you want.
  7. Click again on the three dots in the upper left corner.
  8. Another vertical bar with even more buttons appears. The bottom two buttons, with which you can display the video (slightly) larger (or smaller) if desired.

  9. You don't want any text next to it? Click that road with the cross in the toolbar above.


Updated March 25th. 2020