Text formatting in a post

The blog editor contains building blocks for text. Do you use such a text block in your blog? Then you can adjust the text further. Click on the building block and this bar appears at the top:

From left to right you will see the buttons for the following functions:

  • Add snippet, to add more options to a blog
  • Bold, forin boldtext
  • Italic, foritalicseither oblique text
  • Hyperlink, to link a clickable link to text
  • Align, to align the text, left, centered, right, or justified:

  • Color, to give color to text and/or background. You can read how that works in this blog .
  • Paragraph: to assign headings. What that his state described in an article Outside Yoors.
  • Right arrow: to see more options in that bar. Namely this one:
  • Left Arrow: to return to the first number of options.
  • Font: fonts
  • Formatting: For example, you can use textunderlineor cross out or change to all CAPITALETTERS
  • Bullets. Specific explanation of this can be found in this blog .
  • Text settings: there you can change the font size.

    This video (dutch) shows how:

NOTE: If you make the font size (a little too) large, text lines may overlap.
At the top of the sizes to choose, there is a + and a -, to increase or decrease the space between lines.

  • Image: Add Image
  • Clean: an eraser to erase something
  • More: to add an icon. Click on it and an emoticon appears. Then click on it and the choices will appear. With the scroll bar - indicated by the red arrow below - there are more to be seen.

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Updated March 19th. 2020