Text formatting: Using Bullets in your blog

Text can be formatted neatly. Among other things, by using bullets. This is also possible on Yoors. Namely in a blog article.

Why would you want to do that?

Listing something with cubes or numbered, makes a blog article on Yoors clearer.

For example, you can display text as follows:

  • in bold

  • italics

  • underlined

  • coloured

The above is enumerated with cubes, or bullets.

Numbered it looks like this:

  1. If you test this line after typing, a 2 will automatically appear. If you don't want to, press and then press . Then you're on the next line, but without renumbering.

  2. So here you type a second point or step, or what you wanted to call;

  3. Continue with point 3;

  4. If point 4. is the last, you press 2x and no new sequel number will be assigned automatically. Your cursor is more to the left.

How to use bullets in your blog post on Yoors?

You can enumerate in a text box. It be one with or without title, but that aside.
You drag the text building block of your choice to a place in your blog.

  1. Type the text in the text box;

  2. Select this one. A bar appears above it;

  3. yoorshelpEN
  4. Click on the arrow at the back to see more possibilities.

  5. yoorshelpEN
  6. Click on the third button (after the back arrow).

  7. Four buttons are shown below. The first is “Bulleted” and the second “Numbered” (numerical). Make a choice;

  8. yoorshelpEN
  9. Next, the first block or number 1 is in your text box.
    Type a text after it and key enter to move to the next line;

  10. As you will notice, either the next block or the next number will appear. (Depending on your choice was.)

  11. If you do not want to use a block or number, enter, a next block or number will appear. Then enter again, then it is gone and your cursor is more to the left.

Please note:
Automatic renumbering in a new text block does not work on Yoors.
Would you like to put an image between it, number manually.

Personally, I usually choose to end all except the last enumeration lines with a comma.
The last line I end with a point. So that will not be automatically written.

This is one of the things you can use with the blog editor can do.

This seems to be good for your google ranking.


Updated March 25th. 2020


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