The great Pinterest cleaning!

You have a Pinterest account and you have a lot of money? After all: structural sharing on Pinterest pays off.
Don't you think it's time to reorder the Pins?

If you haven't already done so, read on.

Follow (already) your Pinterest board (s):

Take a look at the sign/signs through the eyes of a visitor.

  • You can display Pinterest boards on your account in an order of your choice. For example, in alphabetical order. By clicking on the “Boards” tab on your account and making a choice:


  • You can scroll any board sections in alphabetical order.
  • Are there signs that can be removed because there are only a few pins on it?

  • Are there any boards that you have so many pins on, that you can better divide them into sections?

  • Which Pins do you display at the top of your business profile?
    Click on the cover photo of your business profile, on the pencil and choose which recent Pins you want to view. All of them? Or only from a certain board.(In the mobile app, I saw significantly fewer choices than on desktop. Only a part of my signs were mentioned.)

  • Are there any pins that you're sure the link doesn't work anymore?
    Then remove it. Either by clicking the Pin, choosing Edit and then “Delete”. Either select “Arrange”, click one or more Pins and then “Delete”.
    By the way, there is amaximum number of pins and boards- Yes. So at some point you're going to make way for new Pins.
    How many pins you currently have on your boards, you canHeresee.

  • Do you want to bring something back to your attention? Then pin it again. (Remove the old one after that.)

  • Are there double pins? It could be. Especially if there are a lot of pins on a board. But it is sloppy (provided the visitor notices). Take that away as well.

  • Change the board cover. Go to the relevant board, click on the pencil to change something. Another screen opens. After “Cover”, click “Change”. Customize and click “Save”.
  • Click on the tab “More ideas”.


Pinterest shows pins that fit with the relevant board. You can add them to that board with one click.

Yes, but hello! There's a lot of time in there!

That's right. Once it takes some time to get everything back in order.
Oh, yeah. Either you keep up with it in the future, or plan a moment in your calendar to repeat the tips once in a while. (Or you don't do anything with it. Also fine, of course. It's not a must, it's just tips.)


I started it, but I haven't finished it yet. Don't want to spend a whole day working on it either.
Don't be answerable to anyone. Just like to have things in order. Good.

Extra tip (separate from the plates):

In theInfo- “About your profile” - you can enter 160 characters from your Pinterest account.


Make use of it:

  • What can you find on your Pinterest account?

  • Refresh the Info every now and then.

  • Please also mention your website (the link will not be clickable).

Here's how visitors see this Info on my Pinterest account:


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