This way you make sure your blog is read, even if you have no other account outside Yoors

Even if you only have a Yoors account, so no Facebook, Pinterest, etc., you can make sure your blogs are read. So you might as well generate page views.


  1. Write about something others want to know. If it's useful info, readers share it;

  2. Ask at the bottom of the blog if people want to share it, using a so-called “Call to action”.
    For example, “Did you find this useful? Then share it.”

  3. Send it by e-mail;

  4. Refresh your blog after a while. Fill it up, refresh it, save it and then it will be in the front of your blog overview. You bring it to your attention again;

  5. Mention your blog in a comment under a relevant blog (possibly with permission);

  6. Offline, especially oral. Tell people about your blog;

  7. Create an overview of related blogs and/or create a collection of;

  8. Link in a blog via post in post to another blog;

9. Reward own posts:

10. Use a trigger:

Additional tips:

  • of Eimhere : By reading other people's blogs and responding to them. So interaction.
    (With that you get more followers on Yoors .)
  • of an now no longer existing account: Think of something in common. Challenge (s).

50+ Places to Share Your Blog (s)

Look under “Offline Sharing”

Do you know any other ways?

Let me know in a comment!

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Updated March 25th. 2020